My man, the musical genius from Detroit teamed up with a new face to me in Suburban District out of Virginia and the familiar Nickelus F to create what is “The Law”. Now I know Young Scolla can spit but boy does he spazz on this song and starts it off right. At first I was a little skeptical listening to a new act but Suburban District blew right past me, they have some real talent and bringing in Nickelus is just the cherry on top of the pie. But the real secret to this gem is the beat…no it is. The beat is just fire and I could play this song over and over until Chris Brown changes his hair color again. My favorite verse though comes right in at around the 2:10 mark, sheshhhh. Check out this track right now, you won’t be sad you did, it’s right below I mean do it.

Suburban District ft. Young Scolla & Nickelus F: “The Law”