The Detroit native who is here today with more news, only a week after releasing the eight-track EP All Delighted People, today Stevens announced plans for the October 12th release of a brand new full-length. Titled, “The Age Of Adz” (pronounced Odds. phonetically spelled like a true mid-westerner). His label Asthmatic Kitty writes…

“It’s much too soon to cast descriptive lots, but we can say the new album sounds nothing like the All Delighted EP (although it shares similar themes of love, loss, and the apocalypse). Nor is this new album built around any conceptual underpinning (no odes to states, astrology, or urban expressways).We can say it shows an extensive use of electronics (banjos and acoustic guitars give way to drum machines and analog synthesizers), and an obsession with cosmic fantasies (space, heaven, aliens, love), to create an explicit pop-song extravaganza, augmented by heavy orchestration, and maybe even a few danceable moments.”


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The Age of Adz Tracklist:
01. Futile Devices – 2:11
02. Too Much – 6:44
03. Age of Adz – 8:00
04. I Walked – 5:01
05. Now That I’m Older – 4:56
06. Get Real Get Right – 5:10
07. Bad Communication – 2:24
08. Vesuvius – 5:26
09. All for Myself – 2:55
10. I Want To Be Well – 6:27
11. Impossible Soul – 25:35