[Sundance Interview] Cast and Director of Cronies

Video shot and edited by J. Frank.

When I said really enjoyed Cronies in my review, I meant it. The film embodies the complexities of camaraderie, friendships, and city life in a simple, digestible way that anybody can relate to it. During this year’s Sundance Film Festival, J. Frank and I had the wonderful opportunity to talk with Zurich Buckner, George Sample III, Brian Kowalski, and Michael J. Larnell about the film. Cronies is bound to find distribution soon enough, so keep it on your radar over the year and make sure you catch it the first moment you get a chance.

Geoff Henao

Geoff Henao is a writer/kinda photographer affiliated with the Chicago collective LOD. His interests include film, punk rock, cute girls, graphic novels, video games, and the Chicago Bulls. He's funny sometimes.

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