[Sundance Video] Sundance Film Festival 2015 Recap

Video shot and edited by J. Frank

With January 2015 well behind us, we can officially say so long to Sundance 2015. As United States’ first major film festival of the year, Sundance represented what to expect from some of our favorite festival films this year. Ranging from heart-wrenching dramas, hilarious comedies, and harrowing psychological thrillers, Sundance had it all.

However, it’s not all movies, as myself and our camera man J. Frank showed. If you missed our photo recap, we also found some time to explore Park City, UT, as well as attend some special film parties. As if that wasn’t enough, we also have our full Sundance video recap detailing everything we had the opportunity to participate in. If a picture is worth a thousand words, this video is worth millions.

With that said, re-visit all of our coverage from Sundance 2015 below the video.


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[Sundance Video Interview] Cast and Director of Cronies
[Sundance Video Interview] Justin Kelly (Director of I Am Michael)
[Sundance Roundtable Interview] Jason Isaacs and Saoirse Ronan (Stockholm, Pennsylvania)
[Sundance Roundtable Interview] Jim Strouse and Jemaine Clement (People, Places, Things)


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