A couple weeks back my boy Steve Jones of Introspective Minds informed me he was working on a project titled Watch The Couch with fellow Thumbs Up ATL members Ethereal & KeithCharles Spacebar (SuperBuddah). An obvious parody I at first did not know what to think of the music despite knowing the talent encompassed in all participating parties. After my first listen, I was excited to hear yet again forward thinking tunes coming out of the Thumbs up studios in Atlanta. Serving as a follow-up to Ethereal’s June LP Abstratica and Spacebar’s Spring release BeforeCommonEra, Watch The Couch stands alone as moment of its own being produced only four days, yet with Thumbs Up’s notorious soulquarian style blunted vibe, the music composed by Ethereal (Slumerican Redcords), Spacebar, Introspective Minds, and takes you threw a journey of a young crews determination to expose their unique culture to the world. Hit the jump to download Watch The Couch.

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SuperBuddah: Watch The Couch