[SXSW Interview] Hannah Marshall and Hugh Sullivan (The Infinite Man)

Actress Hannah Sullivan and director Hugh Sullivan from The Infinite Man

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The Infinite Man was one of the first films I watched as part of this year’s SXSW, jumpstarting my film experience for 2014 on a very high note. The Australian film, which you can read more about in detail in my review, is about one inventor’s scheme to salvage a romantic weekend after his thorough plans fall apart. Of course, when time travel is involved, things can get a little out of hand.

In my interview with director Hugh Sullivan and actress Hannah Marshall, we discussed the nature of time travel films, how relationships are kind of like their own sci-fi stories, and some specific details behind The Infinite Man itself. Be warned: there are some spoilers in the interview, so please proceed with caution. I hope you enjoy this truncated version of the interview below. We’ll be sure to include some of the more explicit spoiler stuff when The Infinite Man is fully released.

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