[SXSW Interview] Jim Murphy (Lava)

[This interview was originally published during our SXSW 2015 coverage. It’s being re-posted to coincide with Inside Out‘s theatrical release.]

Video by Elijah Alvarado

Pixar is renowned for their ability to tell captivating stories that can not only appeal to a large audience, but do so by tapping into very real emotions. Lava, the new short by first-time director Jim Murphy, tells the story of a volcano who yearns for someone to love as millions of years pass. In this short clip from our interview with Murphy during SXSW, he discusses the inspiration behind Lava and even performs a part of the Lava song, as well. Prepare to have the song stuck in your head for days!

Lava will premiere in front of Inside Out when it comes to theaters June 19th.

Geoff Henao

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