Insta-Celebrity Portraits from Vanity Fair’s 2015 Oscar Party

Alejandro Gonzalez Inarittu by Mark Seliger

The 2015 Academy Awards happened this past weekend, and it was as star-studded and glamourous as ever. The annual Hollywood spectacle awarded Oscar winners in both triumph and upset, and although viewer ratings fell to a six-year low, social media… Continue Reading

The 86th Academy Awards Winners

Promotional image for the Academy Awards

An Oscar is undoubtedly the biggest honor any filmmaker could receive for their hard work in creating a cinematic work. While I may hear amongst many of the people in my life just how much they don’t care about the… Continue Reading

The 86th Academy Awards Winners Predictions

The early months of any year are full of awards and recognitions for all of those filmmakers who worked hard in the previous year to produce a form of entertainment that will have the capability to transcend the decades. While… Continue Reading

Multiple Recent Deaths Puts Extra Pressure On Academy

The Oscars are a time in which not only great achievements of acting, directing, writing, and other filmmaking aspects are recognized, but also a period in which reflection takes place. The event is a cause for great celebration for the… Continue Reading