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BBU’s UNKL EPIC Launches New Project with “Fight Back” (prod by Alo)

  “mind on vegan, pockets on White Castle, embrace my contradictions cause my truth is who I battle.”  For those

The Best of Chicago ’09

 The Best of Chicago 2009

Lupe Fiasco once said, “Really love my city, and I hope that G-D bless it.”  And bless he did, uh, musically at least.  While Chicago got dissed from the Olympic Committee, saw their parking meters jacked, and all around sports failures, at least the arts and culture scene put forth something to be proud of.  To celebrate the year that was in music, fashion, and culture, we put together a survey to highlight the best of Chicago 2009.  We invited a wide variety of our friends, colleagues, and associates to tell us their favorite artists, release, DJs, clubs, clothing brands etc from ’09.  A Sample of our respondents include Naledge, Willy Joy, Million $ Mano, Suli, Anna Hovet, Krabby of Saint Alfred’s, Brian Nevado, Matt Boy White, Scheme, Michael Kolar, and many many more, so, if you don’t like the list send them the hate mail hahaha.. Enjoy!