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RH First Look: Big Homie D.O.E.

 Big Homie D.O.E

I’ve been following Big Homie D.O.E. for a while now. His catchy hooks and lyrics to go along with them made him stand out amongst the pack, and his recent move to our homie Naledge’s Brainiac Society has only served to increase his visiblity, improve his work ethic, and place him in the right situation where opportunity meets preparation. Many people wondered how the somewhat intellectual approach of Naledge would work with the “in your face” personality of The Big Homie D.O.E., but as he said, it’s not as much of a stretch as some may think.  Sticking to his vision to “express the thoughts and feelings of myself, my peers and others through timeless music,” D.O.E. has found synergery with Naledge through similar goals pertaining to the music. With that being his main focus there’s almost no way that Naledge and D.O.E. couldn’t work well together because at the end of the day making timeless music is what Hip-Hop is all about, right?

RH’s Ashydakid caught up with The Big Homie D.O.E. for a candid First Look. Check it out below..