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cyhi da prynce

[Closed Sessions] CyHi The Prynce: “Good For Me” (prod by Nascent & QB)

CyHi The Prynce was close to the edge.  Close to living in a car, close to finding a dead end


[Closed Sessions] Vonnegutt: “Fresh Like Me” feat Mic Terror

Vonnegutt were just some “down South Georgia boys” when they arrived in Chicago for Lollapalooza in late summer of 2010. 

[Closed Sessions] Vonnegutt: “Fresh Like Me” feat Mic Terror (Preview)

On Sunday, MTV2 Sucker Free aired a preview of our next release from Closed Sessions Vol. 2, featuring Georgia’s Vonnegutt


[Closed Sessions] Ninjasonik: “How We Treat’em” feat M$M & Hollywood Holt

We recorded this session during Pitchfork 2010, during a hectic Friday afternoon.  The night before we had our first Digital

Raekwon by Virgil Solis

[Closed Sessions] Raekwon: “Keep It Politics” (prod. by DJ Babu)

In the very early days of Closed Sessions, the early-early days, we would sit around and talk about our hopes

[Closed Sessions] “Blackbird” Feat Action Bronson (prod by Thelonious Martin)

Shortly after we secured Action Bronson to play the November edition of Digital Freshness, I told him jokingly via Twitter

LEP By Alexander Richter

[Closed Sessions] “Don’t Happen That Often” Feat LEP Bogus Boys

“We don’t just want to add to the catalog, we want to be on top of the catalog,” says Moonie,

How About Some Old S*#t: Yelawolf’s First Chicago Show


We’ve been doing this little thing called RubyHornet for a while now, since February of 2008.  In that time, we’ve had some great memories, and (we think) built a wealth of dope content.  “How About Some Old S**t” is our way of shedding some light on some of our favorites pieces from the past, some that may still be new to you.  The title of the post comes from an old Beastie Boys live performance bootleg that I got a few years ago in which MCA says, “how about some old s**t”, before they go into their classics.  So, that’s the vibe. That’s the deal…

Closed Sessions: “Heads of The Heads” feat Freddie Gibbs and GLC (prod by Tony Baines)

Heads of The Heads

With two weeks left before the 3.15 release of Closed Sessions: ATX, we bring the third song from album, “Heads Of The Heads” featuring Freddie Gibbs, GLC, and production from Tony Baines.  This record was actually the first one recorded during our four days in Austin.  It was a hectic day, as just hours before this session was supposed to start, we had to go out to the middle of nowhere to pick up the equipment from SSL that should have reached the house two days earlier.  Mike was still finalizing the ins and outs as we headed to the hotel to pick up Freddie Gibbs.  Everything was setup, and Scheme gave the booth a test run right before we reached the mansion with Freddie Gibbs ready to record.  GLC had just gotten into town, and came directly to the house.  This was also the first piece of production that we played.  It was fitting that the man behind the beat was Tony Baines, who produced our first ever Closed Sessions record, “Rapper Weed” by Curren$y.

Freddie and GLC talked and went over the direction of the record when GLC rapped the chorus, “this will go over the heads of the heads…”  It is a concept that we’ve talked about in the past, and his feelings that “Hip Hop Heads” don’t, can’t, or sometimes just won’t relate to Hip Hop classified as gangsta rap or stories from the streets.  The ironic thing is that both GLC and Freddie Gibbs are embraced heavily by “Hip Hop Heads”, who at the end of the day, care much more about the quality of the music than the subject matter in the songs.  It’s not always what you say, but many times, how you say it.

You can download the song below.  Closed Sessions: ATX is in stores 3.15.11 via Closed Sessions and Decon Records.  Join us 3.17.11 as we celebrate the release with an Austin edition of Digital Freshness (RSVP HERE).

Kidz In The Hall: “Fresh Academy” Video

Kidz In the Hall

The stars aligned for a “Fresh Academy” video a few weeks ago when KITH and Donnis hit Cleveland, which is the home of Chip Tha Ripper.  Davy Greenberg made the move to Cleveland to shoot the video, and here we have it.  “Fresh Academy” appears on Kidz In The Hall’s new LP, The Land of Make Believe and was done as part of our Closed Sessions EP (download here).

RH TV: Closed Sessions w/Skyzoo and Rhymefest

Crack The Code

Last week we released “Crack The Code” a Closed Sessions joint featuring Skyzoo and Rhymefest.  Today we bring you the story behind the song, in this new Closed Sessions documentary.  Check it out below to see how a chance meeting between Skyzoo and Rhymefest turned into a homage to America’s first and second cities set to music by K-Salaam and Beatnick.

Closed Sessions Vol. 1 will be available for free download 3.2.10 at www.ClosedSessions.com

Closed Sessions: “Crack The Code” featuring Skyzoo and Rhymefest

Crack The Code

I really dug into Skyzoo’s material while making the first Brainiac Mixtape with Naledge. He put two Skyzoo tracks on the mix, I was more than impressed. I went back into Sky’s catalog and eagerly awaited the release of his debut LP, The Salvation. Shortly before the album’s release, I had the chance to interview Skyzoo and he told me that he heard about Closed Sessions, and our Dimes and Dozens party in which we bring out of town artists into Chicago and have them perform at our monthly event. He expressed interest in doing the same, and I was definitely with it. We organized a show for Skyzoo at The Darkroom, and setup a Closed Session for him the following day. Virgil and Ruben took Sky all around the city before his show, and when he hit SoundScape we could all tell that Chicago had made an impression on him. Rhymefest ended up just being at the studio during Skyzoo’s session, the two hit it off very quickly with help from this K-Salaam and Beatnik track, and the concept for “Crack The Code” was born. Skyzoo’s verse centers on the intricacies of Chicago, while Rhymefest raps about the nature of New York City. It’s an homage to two great homes for Hip Hop, and a pairing of two great emcees.

Download the song for free below, and look for the full Closed Sessions Vol. 1 to be released 3.2.10