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Defcee and knowsthetime hit the pocket on Summer Courses EP

Earlier this week, Defcee released his new EP, Summer Courses. The EP is 5 songs deep, all of which were produced by

[RH Premiere] Defcee: A Mixtape As God Intended

The mixtape has always held a special place in music. While it means different things to different music cultures, the

Frsh Waters Pulls Up A “Seat At The Bar”

Shout out to Defcee’s twitter. I’m rushing to get ready for my trip to A3C when I saw Def post

Stream Defcee’s “Summer Courses” (prod. by knowsthetime)

“Just me and these beats, but I’m fronting like the city’s watching.”  Defcee loves the beat switch-ups, and I’m a

Defcee is kind of a beast…

“Committing small crimes, feeding Jewish children bags of pork rinds.” Defcee is pretty nasty on the mic. On his latest