[Video] ShowYouSuck: “Flip Phone”

Clinton Sandifer, affectionately known in many circles around Chicago as ShowYouSuck, knows how to turn a party up, and has proven that much at just about every show he has played in and out of his hometown. Mixing punk and… Continue Reading

[Video] ShowYouSuck: “80s Boobs”

Chicago’s own ShowYouSuck meant business in 2013, and followed that up by releasing a gang of projects, the last of which, Dude Bro may be his most polished to date. The Closed Sessions’ release dropped its latest video in support… Continue Reading

ShowYouSuck: “Watching Walking Dead Episodes 3, 4, 5”

There are few artists in hip-hop or otherwise who have a more full-stocked pop-culture lexicon than Chicago’s own ShowYouSuck. The owner of one of the most exciting rap shows there is today, Show has rapped about everything from Big Gulps,… Continue Reading