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Finale: Only The Beginning


Detroit artist Finale knows a little about being a new comer to a large audience. A while back he received his rap name after being unexpectedly pulled up to the stage at Detroit’s legendary rap battle club, St. Andrews. After ripping several other ciphers, the artist that dragged him up on the stage said, “this is the Finale.”  The words struck Finale…hard.  The upstart had an epiphany, which he relayed to us when we spoke with him shortly after the release of his debut LP, A Pipe Dream And A Promise.   “Yo that’s going to be my name,” the emcee decided right there and then. With his debut album, Finale is definitely is introducing himself to a new audience, with something reminiscent of Hip Hop’s older days: a rhyming pattern and delivery that is drawing comparisons to the great Rakim.
RH’s Ashydakid caught up with Detroit’s Finale for an extensive interview giving you a deep look at this up and coming artist out of the Motor City. Finale speaks on the conscious and unconscious impact of the Motor City, shares J Dilla stores, and more.  Check out the full interview below.