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[RH TV] Freestyle In The Park: The New Class

Last month we hosted a special edition of Digital Freshness featuring only local talent under the age of 21.  The

RH TV: Emilio Rojas Freestyle in The Park

 Emilio Rojas

In connection to the release of Emilio Rojas’ new mixtape, The Natural, we bring you his Freestyle In The Park. This was filmed at Soundscape Studios in Chicago.

RH TV: Truck North, Big Pooh, Mikkey Halsted Freestyle In The Park

Truck North, Mikkey Halsted, Big Pooh

You read it right, we got these three mean emcees together for a “Closed Session” session, and afterwards took it outside for a Freestyle In The Park.  Truck North and Big Pooh set it off, before our hometown cat, Mikkey Halsted takes things to a whole other level.  I think you’ll notice his face snarl up about half through…just watch and you’ll see what I’m talking about.  Fierce!

RH TV: Nick N’ Beans Freestyle In The Park

Nick n Beans

I guess you either love or hate Nick N’ Beans, at least that’s the feeling I get when the young duo comes up in conversation.  Some dismiss them immediately because of their age and style, just as I’m sure some embrace them purely for their associations.  Regardless of sides, both outlooks are wrong, as they fail to give Nick and/or Beans a chance to show and prove…Well, that’s what we’re all about here at RH, so we open up the park to Nick N’ Beans…See them spit below.

RH TV: Gorilla Zoe Freestyle In The Park

Gorilla Zoe

Freestyle In The Park continues with ATL’s Gorilla Zoe.  Check it out at he spits live from the Bassment.

RH TV: The New Class Freestyle In The Park

 Add 2, Bullet, Ptoda

We kick off the new season of Freestyle In The Park with a trio of Chicago emcees that may just be ‘next up’ in the Windy City.  Ptoda, Bullet, and Add-2 cipher it out in the snow…That’s Chicago for you.  Shout outs to Slot-A who couldn’t make the filming of this segment, but hooked us up with a beat for the intro and outro of the video…Check it below.