Top 5 Scariest Places to Visit This Halloween

Allegedly Haunted Places in Illinois

Now that it is the month of October and with Halloween approaching, haunted houses filled with fake zombies and dropping skeletons are opening to the public. But what about the all year-round locations that have claims of hauntings? Considering the local clown… Continue Reading

[Trailer] A Haunted House 2

Film still of Gabriel Iglesias and Marlon Wayans in A Haunted House 2

Countless scary movies cycle through movie theaters as the year progresses. People wait in lines for tickets with the hope that in a few hours they won’t even be able to sleep with the lights off. They watch the movie… Continue Reading

Photographer and Cosplayer Recreate Iconic Horror Movie Photos

Photos by David Love The creative opportunities are endless when you collaborate a photographer, a cosplayer, and a makeup artist. Throw in a mutual love for horror movies and you have one thrilling photo series. This is exactly what happened when… Continue Reading