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[Video] Action Bronson Interview with Tim Westwood

I missed this one a couple days ago… Action Bronson hit up Tim Westwood’s show while he was on his

[Interview] Big Boi: Player By Choice

With great risk comes great reward.  It’s a cliche saying, but it’s definitely true.  With great risk can also come

DJ Muggs

[Interview] DJ Muggs: Like Water

When DJ Muggs released his EP, Sound Clash Business, in mid October, I sent him a text saying how much


[Interview] AEMMP Hip Hop Artist of The Week: thekidDirty

Another week, another new artist to be profiled in our continuing collaboration with Columbia College’s AEMMP Records.   The student run

DJ Muggs

[Interview Snippet] DJ Muggs: “My Style Is Like Water”

“Muggs lets the funk flow.” Since the late 80’s, DJ Muggs has been shaping and then re-shaping sounds, first and

[Interview] AEMMP Hip Hop Artist of The Week: Sin Cordell

We’re back with the third installment of our AEMMP Hip Hop Artist of The Week spotlight.  For those of you

The Rza

[Interview] Rza: The Passion

Two weeks ago, on a rainy and cold Saturday afternoon, I had the opportunity to sit down with the Rza

[Interview] Kids These Days Speak on New Album, Personal Growth and More

“Let’s show motherfuckers what Kids These Days is about right now.” Vic Mensa and Nico Segal from Kids These Days

[Interview] Talib Kweli: You Must Have Forgot

Between teaching at Columbia College, creating content for rubyhornet, and spending time at studio sessions with the #SaveMoney and Village

[Interview] Chance The Rapper: Off Suspension

Someone recently asked me to describe Chance The Rapper.  After thinking for a while, I told them that Chance is

[Interview] El-P: Back In The Flow

Not many acts can have the impact on Hip Hop that Company Flow has had, with such a little amount


[Interview] RH First Look: MaLLy

My favorite thing about Hip Hop music is the rawness.  Before it became cliche and corny to ‘keep it real’,