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I Want To Play Your Music at Digital Freshness!

Digital Freshness happens 1.24.19 at The Empty Bottle featuring Open Mike Eagle, Ness Heads, Fess Grandiose, DJ Ca$h Era, and DJ RTC.

Kidz In The Hall Return with “Dear Eastside” Video

“penny for my thoughts, it might get expensive.”  Anyone who followed rubyhornet back in day knows the crucial role that

Naledge: Reno Vlog


Live from Reno, NV…after the jump.

Naledge: “I’m In Chicago Bitch”

Tonic Room












I’m in Chicago Bitch! Been in the studio…..hope you guys like this…more coming!



Naledge: Kidz On The Road Video Blog #31

Lava Lounge













Naledge checks in via video from the airport before hitting LA.  Check out the video blog below.

Naledge: Kidz On The Road Blog #30

Naledge & GLC












Naledge checks back in with us live from SoundScape studios for his latest blog.  He’s really stepping into a vlogging zone as he talks about Reebok, Myspace friend request, Lava Lounge, and much more.  Check it out below…

RH TV: Mic Terror & Naledge After Hours Freestyle

Naledge & Mic Terror

By now you’ve seen some video and pictures from Mikkey Halsted’s Internet On Lock party.  The party featured music and appearances by Chicago artists ranging from No ID to Nick N’ Beans.  What you have not seen, and will not see anywhere else, is what happened after everybody left and a few select artists, producers, DJs, and the RH cameras hit the SoundScape bunker for an after hours session.  The session included boasting, bragging, beat playing, arguing, as well as this dope freestyle with Mic Terror and Naledge who both go in over Rich Boy’s “Drop”.  Check out the exclusive footage below, and get ready for more to come…p.s Keep watching after the credits for bonus footage…I see you Kid Brainiac…

Naledge: Kidz On The Road Blog #29

Key to Naledge

Naledge exercises his vlogging G in the latest installment of his RH sponsored blog. At 29 installments, this has to be the most updated artist blog in the history of artist blogs. This week he previews some new music, talks fashion, and explores the art of product placement.

DJ RTC: “Swagger Like Chi” feat. Naledge, MarVo, Really Doe, Bump J, Mikkey Halsted, & GLC

Chi Swag cover


Swagger Like Us” hit the internet a few weeks ago and has become a monster smash.  Kanye West, Jay-Z, Lil’ Wanye, and T.I. all delivered on the biggest posse cut in years, and the infectious beat has been tackled by emcees nationwide. Shortly after the track’s release, I was able to get my hands on an instrumental, which I emailed to Mikkey Halsted, jokingly asking him to shout me out if he decided to go in on the beat.  A few days later Really Doe came through the RH office and told us about his experience with the beat, and a futile attempt to land it for his American 2 Fresh debut.  We pitched him the idea of jumping on the track with Mikkey and he was down.  More importantly, the wheels were in motion.  We quickly hit up Naledge, who was in town gearing up for Kidz In The Hall’s tour with Murs, he was in as well and “Swagger Like Chi” finally had some legs.  We enlisted GLC for the final slot, called Michael Kolar at SoundScape Studios and booked a recording session…