[Playlist of the Week] 10 Songs for America

Classic photo of Bruce Springsteen

Beers, burgers and the good ol’ US of A. While it’s obvious these past couple of weeks have been filled with both good news and bad news in our country, last weekend marked the 239th birthday of the United States. Country songs… Continue Reading

[Playlist of the Week] 5 Retro Video Game Themes for E3

Sonic the Hedgehog title screen

Video games have played a large role in my nearly 30 years of life; so, too, has music. While video game OSTs (Original Soundtracks) don’t get the acclaim and recognition they often deserve, the right soundtrack can easily be replayed… Continue Reading

[Playlist of the Week] 10 Anticipated Albums for the Spring

The year started off with a bang when it came to record releases, but in the next coming months the saga of choice new albums will continue. While there are a bunch of anticipated records with TBA titles and release… Continue Reading

[Playlist of the Week] 10 Music Videos for the End of School

The Breakfast Club

As finals rear their ugly heads around the corner, the season of cabin fever for students everywhere begins. While studying proves to be more difficult by the hour, we’ve put together a video playlist to push you through the last… Continue Reading

[Playlist of the Week] 15 Weird Science Music Videos

Beastie Boys

Last week in science: Newsweek has evidence to back if aliens exists, they’re huge, SNL made fun of Scientologists, a “terror bird” has been discovered and the Brontosaurus has been resurrected as a genus. Oh, and it’s almost finals week for… Continue Reading