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Terra 5

[Interview] AEMMP Hip Hop Artist of The Week: Terra 5

The spring semester is fully underway at Columbia College.  To go along with the new semester, we bring back our

Solemates: Never Do What They Do

Brian Merrit

With the relatively recent surge of street-wear boutique’s in the Chicagoland area, you would think it would be rather difficult for them to harnes their own uniqueness. A small, swank, clothing boutique and sneaker cosignment shop lies nestled in the heart of a culturally diverse community seems to have that concept nearly perfected. Solemates…Chicago possess this almost heavenly ambiance, with a pleathora of exclusive sneakers while high-end street-wear brands seem to rest over pieces of vintage furniture that set them footsteps ahead of their competition.

Behind this elegant work of art is a married couple, Autumn and Brian Merritt. They’ve been in business for nearly two years now. The funny thing is, you’ve probably heard Autumn’s view of the boutique, but you don’t really hear Mr. Merritt. I attempted to pick his brain in hopes of retrieving that essential information behind the Solemates brand. “We want to provide people with clothing and accessories that can be worn forever,” he told us. Words well said, but find out what exactly cultivated this idea through our in-depth interview below.