Tens: Sunglasses that Simulate Real-Life Instagram Filters

Tens, tinted sunglasses that physically simulate Instagram filters, refine what we see without the use of technology. According to testers, the sunglasses come closest to mimicking the filter “Kelvin,” and essentially serve to make life more interesting by stimulating the ocular senses.

Tens were launched on the crowdfunding site Indiegogo in May to battle aesthetic blandness of the real world by mimicking warm image-enhancement grounded in digital customization. While the campaign aimed to raise about $15,000, they already brought in well over $50,000 and will continue with funding until July 5th.

While the product isn’t considered a luxury item, its pricing is set at around $77 a pair, and stirs considerable confusion amongst potential customers. While the aim of the lenses is to imitate Instagram filters, Tens only imitate one, thus offering only a miniscule fraction of the social media form it claims to be inspired by. And with only one filter, Tens are carrying out a slight variation on what tinted lenses have been accomplishing since 1752.

As Tens evolve and crowdfunding continues, it’s likely that we’ll see a leap from having only one filter available to a medley of visually manipulative lenses. Whether customizing what we see before us in real time will yield positive or negative effects is to be determined, but looking like a 10 in Tens is readily available at $77 a pop.

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[via Indiegogo]

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