If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past couple months you know all too well of the feud between Joe Budden and Method Man. From the start when Joe Budden claimed lyrical superiority over Method Man, to the recent Inspectah Deck tongue lashing, this beef has taken every twist and turn possible. Now, with the recent amending between the Wu-Tang Clan and Slaughterhouse and more importantly Method Man, Inspectah Deck, and Joe Budden, RubyHornet has decided to lay out a time line of events for your beef pleasure.

Joe Budden calls out Method Man in a rant on Vibe’s Greatest Rapper Alive Bracket.

Method Man responds claiming Joe Budden was trying to bait him. 

Redman & Busta Rhymes Chime in On The Situation.

Joe Budden gets up close and personal to respond to Busta Rhymes and remain his position on Method Man.

Busta Rhymes & Joe Budden Make Amends at Rock The Bells.


Inspectah Deck unearths diss track aimed at Joe Budden.

Inspectah Deck Diss track to Joe Budden 

Joe Budden addresses Inspectah Deck’s Diss Track.

Inspectah Deck calls out Joe Budden at Rock the Bells.

Joe Budden talks on situation at Rock The Bells and says he was ready to fight.


Raekwon Speaks On Inspectah Deck vs Method Man.


Joe Budden exclaims that the beef is over but it will be sparked again if he’s provoked.

Joe Budden is intereviewed and throws out rumors of a brawl backstage at Rock the Bells. Says he talked to Method Man and that  ammends have been made. 

Joe Budden RTB interview

Inspectah Deck closes off the fued with his final thoughts and his reasoning behind the debacle.