The Cool Kids Release First Music of the Year With EP, Layups

Just as 90-degree weather is about to hit the city, The Cool Kids dropped a new refreshing EP to cool us down. The three-track EP, Layups, is the first project they have released this year, but it was worth the wait. The duo joined forces with legendary producer Alchemist and have features from Boldy James and Shorty K. Playing nine minutes total, Cool Kids doesn’t hold back. Each song has swift, crisp, and smooth raps that highlight their signature style and keeps the EP flowing. 

The intro  “Layups” is the standout song to me because there is no room for self-doubt in this track. The repeating lyric “Don’t shoot if it’s a layup” will instantly begin looping in your head until you learn the rest of the catchy chorus. From breeding alpacas to having a crib full of artifacts The Cool Kids know their worth. “Layups” defines our 2019 mood and gives us our new personal mantra “Take a L, brush it off. Come back with a vengeance.”

The Cool Kids have been creating music since 2008 and Layups proves why they are still a key player in Chicago hip hop eleven years later. 

Listen to the full EP here.

Colleen Kennedy