With summer now in full effect, things at RH have been popping off non-stop. From album releases, new fashion lines, and an endless amount of must-read interviews, we’ve come to realize that keeping up to date might be a little difficult. So we decided to throw you all a bone and lay it down with the Friday Re-Up, a weekly posted dedicated to filling your culture cravings.

Kicking off this week, we introduced you to Kyle King aka 7King the lead guitarist of B.o.B., Bobby Ray’s band. Here you can peep King performing Jimi Hendrix’s “Little Wing” at Iceberg Creative Studio. Covering a rock legend like Hendrix is a risky move but he definitely pulled it off. On the fashion front, Nike SB has recently collaborated with one of the hottest sneaker boutiques on the East coast, Concepts, to help make yet another edition of the lobster SB dunk low. Concepts blew them out of the water, literally, bringing danger back into the world of kicks with the now new and improved dangerous blue lobster. Only 50 pairs will be made so you better break open your piggy banks cause these kicks will cost you, check them here. Straight out of the West coast, M+B, an L.A. based gallery known for it’s focus on contemporary art and dedication to displaying works of both established and emerging artists, has recently opened their newest exhibition starring none other than our 44th president of the United States, Barack Obama. Titled “Barack Obama: The Freshman”, these rare black and white photographs taken by Lisa Jack at Occidental College in 1980, tell the story of a young charismatic man simply searching for his purpose in life. Check out these exceptional photos and more info about the exhibition here.

On the flipside, we still rock those fresh new interviews…
* of dead prez: Breaking The Box Pt. 2
dead prez, composed of verbally gifted and socially minded emcees, didn’t just hit the Hip Hop scene in 1999 with Let’s Get Free, they smashed into it head on collison style. Read up on our exclusive interview here.

*Rory Kurtz: Always Occupied
Mr. Rory Kurtz is a photographer and illustrator who has mastered both techniques and done so with a dedication rarely seen and very often envied. For Kurtz, his photography and illustrating is his passion, his craft, and his life. He splits his time documenting the human experience via his camera or his canvas in his signature style of blending harsh realities and brilliant abstracts. Check out his collection here.

*DJ JS-1: Selling Out To Sell
Since the beginning of music there has been a fine line cut between artists who create their music for themselves and those who sell out for the consumer. Some people call it underground and mainstream but if you ask DJ JS-1 of the Rock Steady Crew he’d just tell you it’s between selling out and staying true. Read more here.

New artists, latest tracks, and some free downloads…
*Marion Write
*Rye Rye
*The Clipse featuring Keri Hilson

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