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Straight from the cornfields of Bloomington, Indiana, I bring you this weeks’ Re-Up. With RH busier than ever, this week’s post is jam-packed with some of the hottest new tracks, the latest trends, and several “must-read” interviews. Although I may be in a new location and far from my beloved Chi City, I still got the hookup on those need-to-know updates, so let’s get into it….

After a killer performance by Canadian trio, Keys N’ Krates, at Lumen last Saturday, we thought we’d kick off the week some exclusive live footage of the show. Check out the video here and be sure to check out our 7 Minutes W/ Keys N’ Krates video interview for the total experience. Also this week, we started two new contests.  The first, which is unfortunately already over, was for The Clipse, who will be hit Chicago Friday night as part of the Sneaker Pimps Tour. The second contest, which started yesterday, by far tops the first in my opinion. We have 5 pairs of tickets to De La Soul’s August 26th show at the House of Blues. All you need to do to win is email us ( with your name, age, and tell us the name of De La Soul’s debut album that is celebrating its 20th anniversary. The winners will be notified on Monday. Check out the full post here. Good Luck! And for all you “sneaker pimps” out there trying to look fly and stay fresh, check out Nike’s latest release, the Court Low Tan Canvas. This simple shoe is made up of a light beige canvas material with a tonal suede swoosh and is the perfect transitional footwear to take you from the end of summer to the upcoming Fall season. Click here to find out where you can score a pair of these timeless classic kicks.

On the flipside, we still rock those fresh new interviews…

Marion Write

RH First Look: Marion Write
On Monday we turne the First Look spotlight on Marion Write, hailing from Las Vegas by way of Virginia Beach. A lot of influential people have come out of the Commonwealth, including artists such as, N.E.R.D, The Clipse, Timberland, and Teddy Riley.  Write took influences from Virginia, and relocated to Las Vegas, where he began pursuing a career in Hip Hop started with his first mixtape, Chikin Fingrz and Loud Music.  Write describes his first work “…as a straight mix up.  It had no direction but to just show cats I gotta little bit of spit in me.”  Now that the spit’s been recognized, Write is preparing to drop his next piece of work, The Epilogue to Greatness, what he considers to be his best work to date.  Marion caught our attention earlier this summer, and we’ve been supporting ever since.  With just a few days until the August 21st release date, we get to know Mr. Write better through this exclusive First Look.  Check out the full interview here

Dave Coresh

RH TV: Dave Coresh Freestyle In The Park
Dave Coresh hits Freestyle In The Park.  Click here for the video and read up on Dave here via our First Look.


Solillaquists of Sound: Heroes In Training
Since their inception with the 2006 release, As If We Existed, the Hip Hop band Solillaquists of Sound have made their mark as yet another unique entity to Hip Hop and music as a whole. With the driving force of emcees Swamburger, Alexandrah, Tonya Combs, and main producer DiViNCi the group has put together a musical gathering of rock, step, afro-beat, and movie samples. Now, with the latest LP, No More Heroes, on deck RubyHornet got down to chat with DiViNCi to get a feeling for the music that comes with the Sollilaquists of Sound. Click here to read more. 

DJ JS-1 Sellout

RH TV: DJ JS-1’s Greatest Sell Outs
 A “sell out”, according to DJ JS-1, is someone who puts their integrity on the line in pursuit of money and/or fame.  Sell outs seem to come by the dozens, and in connection with his recently released LP, No Sell Out, DJ JS-1 linked up with us to run down the list of who stands out amongst the bunch.  The gloves have come fully off (not that a DJ ever really wears gloves) as JS-1 compiles a list that includes Bernie Madoff, Johnny Damon, Common, Eminem, KRS, and many, many more.  Check out the video here.

Mic Terror Bday

RH Photos: Mic Terror’s B-Day
Mic Terror celebrated his birthday party on August 8th at Lava Lounge, and made it an RH affair.  DJ sets by Ray Protege, RH’s own RTC, Willy Joy, and Million $ Mano made it a party, the rest is in the photos.  View the pics here.

New artists, latest tracks, and more…
*J. Period x K’Naan: The Messenger EP     
*Drake: “Killers” featuring Nipsey Hussle     
*Jay-Z: “Run This Town” Video Full    
*Rodriguez DJ Table

If you missed Amanda Diva’s Dimes & Dozens packed performance, don’t worry cuz we got pics/video that will be up soon. Shout out to DJ RTC who’s been out of the office all week sick. Hope you feel better soon and good luck djing at The Clipse show at the Metro tonight!…and that’s only just a taste of what we’re rocking this week at RH. Get your daily dose of the hottest music, photos, fashion, and more at

Check ya later,
Sarita Applebaum