The Simpsons Renewed for Two More Seasons

It’s been awhile since I’ve actively watched The Simpsons, a product of growing increasingly busy, disinterest in actual TV, and the dwindling level of quality that’s been unfortunately associated with the show in recent years. Nevertheless, The Simpsons is a cultural staple, and while its run is slowly winding down, to think of a generation of TV without The Simpsons is near unfathomable.

The inevitable has been delayed a few more years as Fox has renewed The Simpsons for two more seasons, with the run ending at 28 seasons and 625 episodes. /Film points out that the series will be just shy of breaking Gunsmoke‘s record of longest running scripted prime-time TV episodes at 635, so there’s incentive for Fox and The Simpsons to press on past this new order.

Whether you quote The Simpsons everyday or can’t tell the difference between Patty and Selma, it’s hard to ignore the significance The Simpsons has had on Americana over the past four decades. Whether it can sustain enough energy or momentum to carry it into 2020 will have to be seen in time. One thing’s clear: we need more official Simpsons mash-ups.

[via /Film]

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