The Windy City Avengers: Chicago’s Mightiest Athletes

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Avengers: Age of Ultron is in theaters worldwide, and needless to say I am filled with unbridled excitement. I had the wonderful opportunity to see the midnight premier late last night. Everyone, comic book fans or not, should go see this movie.

With everything going on in the Chicago sports world, I couldn’t help but make correlations between the Avengers super heroes and Chicago’s super athletes. The Blackhawks have made it to the second round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, the Bears are going to select the 7th overall pick in their own city, the Bulls just stomped the Bucks out of the NBA Playoffs and the Cubs and White Sox are in full swing for their respective seasons.

I know a lot of people who dig comic books, but aren’t so much into the sport scene. On the contrary I also know loads of people who are quite into sports, but don’t care much for the comic books and comic book movies/tv shows. I’m hoping to marry the two. It’s time that both worlds meet each other, and no better time to do it during than what will be the biggest box-office opening since the last Avengers movie.

To those looking to kill some time between periods, innings, quarters, or draft picks I urge you to read this. For those that are bored out of their mind waiting in line for the midnight premier of the Avengers, check this out and open up your mind to the world of sports. The sports and comic book world are full of so much joy, life and entertainment. If you’re not into one, try the other. If you’re into both, well we may very well be best friends already.

I know you all can’t wait to dig in, so I present to you The Windy City Avengers: Chicago’s Mightiest Athletes on City on the Take.

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