The Wolf of Wall Street might release in 2013 after all

A couple of weeks ago, word came out that The Wolf of Wall Street would miss a 2013 release date due to Paramount Pictures wanting director Martin Scorsese to trim the film’s three-hour cut closer to two hours. At the time, it appeared that the extra editing would take an extended period of time, possibly delaying the film into early January. However, a Christmas miracle may be taking place in the editing room.

While the film is all but guaranteed to miss its original November 15th date, Scorsese and long-time Scorsese collaborator/editor Thelma Schoonmaker are working frantically to trim the film down with intentions of submitting it to Paramount before Thanksgiving. If the duo can turn in a suitable cut by then, it’s likely that Paramount would release the film on Christmas, delaying their other Christmas Day release, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, into next year. Considering Scorsese’s pedigree and any Oscar attraction, it makes sense that Paramount would want to release The Wolf of Wall Street by the end of the year.

[via /Film]

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