Stevie Joe

Last week Friday a new shipment of review CDs hit the RH office.  The pick of the litter comes from none other than Bay Area rapper, Stevie Joe aka Thuggy Fresh.  The album is entitled 80’s Baby and Stevie makes no apologies for doing what he does… This reminds me of something you would see in 2007, making Stevie perhaps the biggest casualty of album pushbacks.  This artwork, which Virgil said is highly down from a photography standpoint, is pretty much the exact opposite of Lupe Fiasco’s very dope and thought provoking artwork for Food & Liquor in which he replaces guns with books.  The front cover of the album features Stevie hold this crack already balding baby with a beeper strapped to his adidas styled diaper, “80’s baby” shaved into his head, and a back tattoo…. I’m all for making statements with album artwork, but this? C’mon Thuggy Fresh!  This is just bad.  We get it, you grew up during the height of Reganomics, had very few options, were failed by a public school system, but even child rebel soldiers aren’t fed a pound of coke for breakfast.  I mean damn, at least get that baby a f**k napkin.  He’s not only addicted to drugs, but will grow up with no sense of cleanliness, or using proper utensils.