The first hot day of the late spring, and we were in Naperville, on the set of GLC’s new video, “Clockin’ Lotsa Dollars.”  For his new flick, he chose a new chick to be his leading lady and so while we chopped it up with GL and Ike Films, his starlett, Tiffany from season 3 of The Bad Girls Club, stayed upstairs preparing for her closeup.  It was an interesting day to say the least for GL’s female co-star, who woke up to bossip.com reports that she was expecting a child with Chingy after the two snapped a photo together during his stop in Chicago.  False reports and perceptions are not the new-new to Tiffany, as being a reality star, and reality star on a show called The Bad Girls Club can often breed misperceptions.  We chopped it up with Tiffany about the show, the real vs. the fake, and much more in this exclusive RubyHornet interview.  See it below.

RubyHornet:  So, the Bad Girls Club…I’m guessing membership is pretty selective…what is a “bad girl”?

Tiffany: A Bad Girl is smart, sexy, and confident in all that she does, but does not step back from a challenge. A Bad Girl is also on the lookout for the next level in life trying to achieve and better herself.

RubyHornet:  You joined the Bad Girls Club during Season 3, was this something you thought about since the show’s debut, or more of a whim type of thing like, ‘I’m bored, I think I’ll apply for The Bad Girls Club’?

Tiffany: Funny…For me it was like that to a certain degree. I was at a low point in my life where things were not right, of course all due to my attitude and my bad girl ways. So I sent in an email and that was that. Next thing you know, I was on the show.

RubyHornet:  What’s been your experiences with the show’s viewers?  It seems like they may take on some intense feelings about the show and the cast, and get real defensive or offensive towards you guys, depending on who their favorites are.

Tiffany: Mine is maybe 75/25. I get love from so many viewers, but there is that 25 percent who don’t like me. So, they write and say whatever little things they can about me. It’s all love. My hater’s keep me motivated.  So I thank them too, some haters are your biggest fans.


RubyHornet:  I’m going to be upfront, I have not seen a full episode of the show, but it’s described to me as ‘girls in a house just acting crazy and fighting with each other.’  Is that accurate, or the people informing me are not giving it enough credit?

Tiffany: There is fighting but not the Friday night throw down you are speaking of. It was more verbal. You have 7 girls in a house and take away all the things that make them sane and add in a mass amount of liquor, I hope no one expected pie baking. But there were some great times and I have memories that I will share for years to come.

RubyHornet:  I’m really fascinated by Reality TV and the effects that it’s had on American society and culture, the way it further blurs the lines between real life and fantasy.  What were your thoughts/feelings about reality TV before going onto the show?  And how have they changed since?

Tiffany:  I am a reality junkie, I just love watching it. I just watched it not thinking of what actually went into it. Now after being on the show I am less judgmental. I know the lines are blurred with the editing and cutting to fit a story line.


RubyHornet:  Do you think that there are different standards for “bad girls” vs “bad boys”?

Tiffany: Yes of course. A bad girl can’t sleep around, or she is a slut…If a BAD BOY sleeps around, he is the man.

RubyHornet:  I’ve known ‘bad girls’ that like a similar type of guy that will give it right back to them, I also know some that prefer an easy going or more laidback guy that more or less lets them dominate.  Do you sway either way when it comes to men?

Tiffany: I like a combo of both, but have yet to find it!! :(…

RubyHornet:  RubyHornet is a music driven site.  If we were to spend a day with you, what might we hear?

Tiffany: I love GLC and Kanye, Chi town all day. I like Gucci Mane, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne and some Beyonce. But it depends on the mood I am in and what car I am driving .

RubyHornet:  Last week I saw you at GLC’s video shoot and it was quite an interesting day for you, as there were some rumors going around concerning you and a certain rapper.  Not to go into something private, but I do want to give you a chance to clear anything up or make a statement about that rumor.

Tiffany: Chingy and I were at his birthday party and we took a picture. He was cool.

RubyHornet:  Is it tough to look at message boards or articles about yourself?  It seems like the trade off to gaining fame.

Tiffany: I signed up for it, so I have learned to get a tough skin about it. It is harder on my family. They love me good and bad. So when people say hurtful things they do get mad.

RubyHornet:  On that subject of fame, after your experiences thus far, what are hoping to do going forward?  Do you want to slide away from the public eye a little bit, or go for more of the spotlight?

Tiffany: I have found my passion in life, and a voice to help others so I think I will stick around for a while.

RubyHornet:  Lastly, tell our readers where they can keep up with what you have going on.

Tiffany: I am in a play here in Chicago June 26th and June 27th called “The Mr. the Mrs. and The Lover”. And my foundation, From a Bad Girl to a Great Woman is very important to me helping these young girls out here.  You can hit me on MySpace@ www.myspace.com/goldenone29 or twitter me @chibadgirl.