Title Error on Kids See Ghosts

Without pushing back the date, Kid Cudi and Kanye West released Kids See Ghosts today. The 7 song project contains features from Pusha T, Ty Dolla Sign, and others. The outro also contains a Kurt Cobain guitar sample.

The incorrect titles seen on streaming services might be an error when uploading the album. No report has dropped yet explaining why this is.

Overall, the project felt well prepared, even with the rushed debut date. The production on tracks such as “4th Dimension” and “Reborn” stand out with their lo-fi distorted percussion. This sound reminisces on the iconic Kayne West sound first brought forth on 808’s and Heartbreak.

On “Cudi Montage” the second verse describes the corruption of a person due to their niece being shot. This leads to them creating their own justice, which results in their arrest, only causing more pain that family. This might be one of the best verses where Kanye is telling a non personal story.

Collin Covert