6. Rosemary’s Baby (1968)

Rosemary’s Baby shows what isolation and paranoia can do to a person. Rosemary, an expectant mother, moves into a new apartment in New York, only to learn that the people closest to her and are not whey seem to be. For example, her loving husband, a struggling actor, is not the man she thought she married, and her sweet innocent neighbors are anything but. Is it all just paranoia? Is there something evil going on in Rosemary’s life? Is someone plotting to take her down? Little does she know that she moved into an apartment full of Satan worshippers as she starts to unravel the diabolical plot. As she learns more and more, you’re able to figure out what is really happening to Rosemary and her baby. Her loving husband let Satan have his way with her for a shot at movie stardom. The sweet couple next door only wants the baby so the Devil can return to the realm of the living. Once the truth is revealed you go, “What the fuck?!” and then it all begins to make sense.

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