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The second trailer for the Steve Jobs biopic, Jobs, was released recently. The film, directed by Joshua Michael Stern (Swing Vote) and starring Ashton Kutcher (That 70’s Show), focuses on Jobs’ life between 1971 – 2010, illustrating the rise, fall, and rise again of Apple. This new trailer is meatier and more interesting than the first trailer, but there’s no disconnect between Kutcher and Jobs with this film. I seriously see that being a huge problem when the film is released into theaters next week.

Steve Jobs revolutionized the world of electronics and built Apple to become one of the most iconic brand names in pop culture. Having an actor like Kutcher, whom I don’t necessarily have a problem with, seems a bit… off. Like I mentioned in my write-up of the original trailer, the film wasn’t well-received by critics at Sundance; could it have gained more favor if a different actor were in place? I guess we’ll never know.

Jobs hits theaters on August 16th.


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