[Trailer 2] Under the Skin

Less than two weeks after the first trailer for Jonathan Glazer’s Under the Skin was released, a new one has come out of the woodworks. As noted in the previous trailer post, Under the Skin stars Scarlett Johansson as a woman preying on men that are never seen or heard from again. There’s a hint of science fiction in Under the Skin, but unless you’ve done your own homework, I won’t spoil the twist for you. Just know this: Johansson spends a good amount of the film scantily-clad, seducing lonely men. Sounds like every man’s dream, doesn’t it?

I’m excited for this one. When I first heard about it last fall, I was intrigued by the film’s twist and existential slant, but festival reviews for the film were tepid. However, as the release date comes closer, I find myself more and more interested in the film. Both Glazer and Johansson have been garnering praise for the film, and it should be a good way to decompress following SXSW.

Under the Skin will be released in theaters on April 11th following a limited release in New York and LA on April 4th.

Under The Skin Film Poster featuring Scarlett Johansson

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