[Trailer 3] Pacific Rim + Gallery



This latest trailer for Guillermo del Toro’s mecha epic, Pacific Rim, downplays the action found in the last trailer. Instead, Idris Elba’s (Thor) character, the commanding officer Stacker Pentecost, delivers a speech to his team that serves as a framing device for the trailer. We’ve all seen it in a multitude of trailers: an optimistic, uplifting voiceover is played over a mix of both action-packed and dramatic sequences, building up a crescendo before some final, lasting image. Been there, done that, right? At least with Pacific Rim, there are huge monsters and robots.

Seriously, I can’t get over how excited I am for the film, and from what I’ve seen around the internet and with fellow film critics/writers, it appears I’m not the only one. del Toro definitely deserves all of the acclaim Pacific Rim will, I’m assuming, receive from both critics and audiences. Included in this post are a few new stills from the film. You can find the full gallery of almost 60 new Pacific Rim images over at Collider.

Geoff Henao

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