[Trailer] A Single Shot

Sam Rockwell (Moon) stars in the upcoming drama/thriller A Single Shot, directed by David M. Rosenthal. Rockwell stars as a hunter who accidentally shoots a woman in the woods. However, when he checks on her, he finds a box filled with money. He then uses the money for selfish reasons, such as hiring a crooked lawyer to help with a divorce suit against his wife. Of course, it turns out the money’s dirty as a group of criminals come after him for the stash of cash.

The mood is tense, which should be a good return to his Moon form. A Single Shot will be in theaters September 20th, but preceded by a VOD release on August 20th.

David M. Rosenthal’s neo-noir thriller starts with a bang: a single shot, aimed at a lone deer, that hits and kills a young woman. The hunter, John Moon (Sam Rockwell, SEVEN PSYCHOPATHS), watches her die before discovering a box of money near her body. In a desperate panic, he takes the cash — hiring a low-rent lawyer (William H. Macy, FARGO) to fight his wife’s (Kelly Reilly, FLIGHT) divorce suit — and attempts to cover up the killing. But when he discovers that the money belonged to a group of hardened criminals, the hunter becomes the hunted in this tense cat-and-mouse struggle in the backwoods of West Virginia.


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