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CollegeHumor has been arguably one of the destinations for online comedy for years. I remember watching all of the Derrick Comedy videos years back before Donald Glover won everybody over with his hilarious portrayal of Troy Barnes on Community (let alone taking us to Camp as Childish Gambino). With a series of funny video shorts under their belt, the brand is ready to take the next step in entertainment: films. CollegeHumor is teaming up with independent movie distributor FilmBuff for its feature-length film debut, Coffee Town.

Starring It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia‘s Glenn Howerton, Coffee Town is about Howerton’s Will, a website manager whose “office” is a table at a local coffee house. However, when the cafe begins plans to grow into a bistro, threatening Will’s entire business, he enlists the aid from his friends (Parks and Recreation‘s Ben Schwartz and Eastbound & Down‘s Steve Little) to stage a break-in at the cafe in an attempt to sway investors away from the neighborhood.

Coffee Town is looking really funny, which honestly can’t be said for most film trailers. Hopefully, the best jokes weren’t featured in this first look at the film, which will be released on digital platforms July 9th with CollegeHumor-hosted limited theatrical screenings throughout North America before it debuts at Montreal’s Just for Laughs festival on July 27th.

You can watch the trailer in full HD on iTunes Movie Trailers.

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