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Sports films are always a mixed breed. On the one hand, there are the super dramatic Oscar bait films (re: The Blind Side); on the other, there are laughable jokes of films (re: Thunderstruck)… of course, on the proverbial other other hand, there’s Space Jam, which was cinematic perfection. Striking a balance between drama and comedy in a critically-acclaimed sports film can be hard, and I’ve personally yet to see one that captures the full effect.

Draft Day is being billed as a dramedy, but this first trailer definitely paints it more as a suspenseful drama than anything, akin to films like Margin Call. Kevin Costner stars as Sonny Weaver, the general manager for the Cleveland Browns. With the NFL Draft approaching and all hopes for the Browns’ future in his hands, Weaver must do everything in his power to ensure the team’s long-term success. Unfortunately, the Browns’ coach doesn’t see eye to eye with him as they are shown to be constantly butting heads.

Draft Day will be in theaters on April 11th.