[Trailer] Everybody Street

Everybody  Street is a film documenting some of New York’s most iconic street photographers from Rickey Powell to Bruce Gildan and many more. Cheryl Dunn’s film aims to highlight what it has been like to live in NYC by sharing moments frozen in time. Through the images of legendary New York street photographers, people are able to relive times in the cities history.

You’ll get to see the photographers’ amazing images as they have taken to the streets and have not stayed confined to the studio. Their images capture real life as it is happening and gives an honest depiction of New York through their eyes. The film will go public sometime this year so until then check out the trail below and for more visit Everybody Street here.

Bobby Reys

Bobby Reys is an artist, picture taker, and creative thinker. When he's not working on his personal projects or exploring he's the photography editor at RubyHornet.

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