[Trailer] Fading Gigolo

Here’s an interesting premise: A Woody Allen-esque romantic comedy starring Woody Allen, but not directed by… Woody Allen? Directed and co-starring John Turturro, Fading Gigolo stars Turturro (Barton Fink) and Allen (Midnight in Paris) as two friends hurting for money. When Allen’s character overhears two female friends looking for their first menage a trois, Allen passes along the information to Turturro’s character… for a cut of the profit. Before long, Allen inevitably becomes a pimp to Turturro’s gigolo. It’s an interesting premise, and with a well-rounded supporting cast (Sofia Vergara, Sharon Stone, Vanessa Paradis, and Liev Schreiber), Fading Gigolo could be a solid romantic comedy for the middle-aged crowd.

Fading Gigolo will be in domestic theaters sometime this year.

Geoff Henao

Geoff Henao is a writer/kinda photographer affiliated with the Chicago collective LOD. His interests include film, punk rock, cute girls, graphic novels, video games, and the Chicago Bulls. He's funny sometimes.

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