[Trailer] Hellion

Hellion is coming to theaters and VOD on June 13th, finally allowing me the chance to watch one of the films I was unable to catch at both Sundance and SXSW. The indie drama starring Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad) has received nothing but critical praise throughout its festival run, and with a general release impending, the spotlight can return to Paul’s versatile acting in a better way than Need for Speed offered him.

Hellion features Paul as an alcoholic single father of two boys. His eldest, Jacob (Josh Wiggins), has problems of his own as he deals with anger problems. However, he finds an outlet to release his angst in the form of motocross racing, but the risks he takes to indulge in the release could threaten the entire structure  of the family. The film analyzes the relationship between father and son in the best way familial indie dramas do.

Come June 13th, I’ll finally be able to right this five month long wrong.

Geoff Henao

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