[Trailer] Her

As both technology and what’s deemed “acceptable” in society grow and evolve, how and who we fall in love with adapts with all of the changes. Just 10 years ago, online dating was frowned upon; however, dating sites like OKCupid have become a bit of a norm for those looking to meet significant others that might not be able to do such under normal situations. Especially considering how large of a role social media has become in our lives, it’s easy to make emotional connections with people that we possibly have never actually met in person.

Writer/director Spike Jonze (Where the Wild Things Are) is returning from a short break from feature films to explore and analyze the changes and relationship between love and technology with his next film, Her. Joaquin Phoenix (The Master) stars as Theodore Twombly, a classic romantic introvert making his way through a recent breakup. When he hears about an advanced operating system that advertises a personalized guide, Theodore purchases one and is introduced to Stephanie (Scarlett Johansson). Before long, the connection between the two grows, and they both find themselves falling in love, the man to the machine, the machine to the man.

Her is an interesting exploration of what “love” really means with a light sci-fi element added to it. Phoenix looks to be back to top form (as if he wasn’t already in The Master) following his performance episode a few years back. Johansson, too, despite only appearing in a voice role, is ever-enticing, despite not physically appearing in the film. We can all discover what Jonze has to say about love when Her hits theaters on November 20th.

Geoff Henao

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