[Trailer] Honour

Honour, actor-turned-director Shan Khan’s next film, sounds like a good one. With the title acting as a reference to honor killings, the film is about a young Muslin woman (Aiysha Hart) who runs off with her boyfriend (Nikesh Patel) with plans of eloping. Dismayed by their daughter’s actions, her family hires an assassin to kill her. However, the plan doesn’t work out so well, so a bounty hunter (The World’s End‘s Paddy Considine) is contracted to track her. The premise is a bit crazy, but the trailer hit on all of the right notes. It’s a thriller through and through, with a hint of a political agenda in it. Above all else, it features Considine acting as a total badass, so how can you turn that down? Khan has claimed that Honour is a modern thriller twist on Romeo & Juliet, but that feels like too much of a stretch. Still, I can see the allegory fitting the film’s premise… a bit.

Honour hits British theaters on April 4th with no set American release date.

Geoff Henao

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