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There’s been a noted love for all things ’80s recently. From a small scale (ShowYouSuck’s Dude Bro is a love letter to the synth-heavy decade) to a larger scale (Far Cry 3: Blood DragonMiami Connection‘s re-release, etc.), our growing obsession with the ’80s vibe has pervaded pop culture sensibilities. Art is cyclical, and oftentimes only appreciated after the fact with nostalgia also playing a huge role in our “newfound” obsessions. I’m not the biggest fan of the ’80s, but I can’t deny how cool some of the art was.

Kung Fury is an independent, low-budget ’80s-inspired action film directed by Swedish director David Sandberg that brings together everything stereotypically ’80s from the Miami setting, the renegade cop archetype, typical’80s garb and accessories, et al. However, the spin on the film involves the protagonist, the titular Kung Fury, traveling back in time (thanks to a Nintendo Power Glove, no less) to kill Adolf Hitler (who is known for his nickname, Kung Fuhrer). However, he’s sent too far back in time, with scenes showing him and a Viking lady riding a dinosaur.

There’s no qualms to it: Kung Fury is a through and through B-movie, and it may not be for everybody. However, if you enjoy films that don’t take themselves too seriously and allow them to be made entirely out of fun and passion, this is the film for you. With Sandberg’s background in commercials and music videos, he has the know-how to create a proper project.

Currently, Kung Fury has a Kickstarter campaign for the film to be released in its 30-minute entirety. The plan is for the 30-minute short to serve as a concept for Sandberg and his production team to pitch it to potential distributors in hopes of expanding on the concept for a feature-length film. I’ve already put my money where my mouth is, so hopefully others will find something to like in Kung Fury (and really, what’s not to love?) and donate some scratch.