[Trailer] Mall

Now that Linkin Park is no longer the headlining band for the Transformers series (as Imagine Dragons takes that crown), it’s time for them to find something else to do within the cinemascape. Their search has led them to Mall, a terribly generic and frankly awful looking film. Maybe I’m being a bit too harsh given that this is only the first trailer, but nothing about this screams “must see.”

Directed by Joseph Hahn of Linkin Park (who’s done a few of their music videos, actually), Mall is about five people who come together during a shooting spree in a shopping mall…although you probably couldn’t tell since the trailer sees fit to have so many weird music video effects like after images and bad character design. Hey, maybe the final product won’t be so bad? I don’t have high hopes, but I’d love to be proven wrong.

Mall releases into theaters (?) this fall.

Nick Valdez

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