[Trailer] Ms. 45

Drafthouse Films, the distribution side of the Alamo Drafthouse, is known for putting out some amazing, sometimes obscure films with the full intent of ensuring the right audiences are made aware of films that deserve some attention. This year alone, we’ve covered Drafthouse Films’ I Declare War and The Visitor. The next film in line for distribution is an exploitation cult film from 1981, Ms. 45.

Directed by Abel Ferrera and starring Zoe Lund, Ms. 45 is about a young mute woman who embarks on a vengeful killing spree after she’s raped twice in one day. The film is an independent exploitation film that opened to bad reviews, but has since become a bit of a cult classic. Drafthouse Films has remastered it in full high-definition and will be releasing Ms. 45 on DVD and Blu-ray.

Ms. 45 will have a limited theatrical release on December 23rd, 2013 with a VOD and home media release set for March 25, 2014. You can find the full theatrical release schedule here.

Ms. 45

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