[Trailer] The November Man

“Love has no place in this life.” You tell them, Pierce Brosnan! It’s been years since Brosnan portrayed James Bond, yet this first trailer for The November Man shows that the actor hasn’t missed a step.

Brosnan plays Peter Devereaux, an ex-CIA agent who has retired to Switzerland to enjoy the quiet, non-badass spy life. However, his retirement is put on pause when he must take on a mission to protect an important witness to a case, Alice Fournier (Olga Kurylenko). As the mission unfolds, Devereaux soon discovers that taking upon the assignment makes him a target of his former CIA protege, David Mason (Luke Bracey). Before long, Devereaux realizes that there’s a sleeper agent working within the CIA and that nobody can be trusted.

The November Man is based on Bill Granger’s novel There Are No Spies as part of the overarching series of November Man novels. It’s like a return to form for Brosnan, complete with the Bond-esque Devereaux. While the trailer is simply a teaser, you can glean the aforementioned student/mentor dynamic between Mason and Devereaux. I’m interested to see how Kurylenko’s Fournier plays into the mix to see whether she’s simply a damsel in distress or more of a Bond girl.

Regardless, The November Man looks great. Luckily, we won’t have to actually wait until November as the film will hit theaters on August 27th. You can see some stills from the film in the gallery below.

[Trailer via Fandango]

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