[Trailer] The Sacrament

Found footage films are still being made. Why?! Whenever I hear of a new found footage horror/thriller, I let out a hard groan. I understand how the intrinsic qualities of the found footage medium suits the horror genre, but damn, I would love to see somebody take the played-out format and create a different type of story that doesn’t involve supernatural elements. Thus ends my short rant on found footage films.

The Sacrament is yet another found footage horror film. However it comes from the mind and vision of Ti West (V/H/S) and produced/presented by Eli Roth (Hostel). The film’s premise is about a VICE crew investigating the disappearance of their friend’s missing sister. Their journey brings them to an unknown location outside of the United States known as Eden Parish where more than a hundred people live as part of a religious community (re: cult). However, like all similar stories, the cult and its leader aren’t all that they appear to be.

Festival reviews of The Sacrament were mixed, and while I don’t foresee the film doing anything different with the format that’ll wow me the same way Paranormal Activity and Chronicle did, I won’t exactly write it off just yet. The Sacrament will be available on iTunes and On Demand on May 1st, with a theatrical release on June 6th.

[via IGN]

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