[Trailer] The Wedding Ringer

Kevin Hart’s been on quite an upswing lately. I may not be a fan of his particular brand of yelling/comedy, but it’s definitely hard to ignore the man’s presence in almost every media within the last few months. Here’s the first trailer for a film coming next year, The Wedding Ringer, a film I already don’t like because the title reminds me of a better film, The Wedding Singer.

The Wedding Ringer stars Josh Gad as a guy with no friends who’s getting married. He goes to an agency and hires Kevin Hart to be his Best Man. And then shenanigans happen. Sorry if you wanted a more in depth synopsis, but there doesn’t seem to be a lot here. To be fair, I did laugh at some of the gags (the Goonies joke) but as the trailer rolled on I didn’t like where it ended up. But maybe you do. Different strokes, different folks.

The Wedding Ringer releases January 16, 2015.

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