Treasurechest’s Blog #11: You Think I Lose Sleep…



“I’m known as an occupational emcee, you think I lose sleep if you sleep on me?”

De La Soul featuring Adrock: “Squat”


So, I originally started this blog on May 11th, a week after my 27th birthday, and shortly after Vibe released their to 50 Blogs list, and then XXL released their top 50 20 Blogs list to try to clean up the mess. RubyHornet didn’t appear on either, and I felt, I don’t know, I felt somewhat “slept on”. It’s actually kind of funny because anybody that knows me, Virgil, or any other RH staff will tell you that we’re famous for the phrase, ‘we’re not a blog, we’re an online magazine.’ That is what we aim to be, that is what we’re going for, and so, in a way, not being on the top blog lists is not much of an insult, slight, or diss, and more of people recognizing the full plan and image we have for RubyHornet. At least that’s what I was telling myself when I saw the lists without RH, it’s also what I told the various artists who asked me about it, and again when Peter Rosenberg talked about our absence during our interview (coming soon). I mean, come on, our “blog section” one component of our site is still the business, and I’ll put it up against any pure blog site…But, a few more days passed, the fervor went down, and I lost those hard feelings and moved onto something else. More artists and their PR folks hit us up about features, more emcees asked me to host their mixtapes, and the White Sox kept falling deeper in the AL Central. But the original principle is still the same, and it’s kind of funny that I’m writing now about wanting more attention and all that after my last blog pretty much broke the other way….

But that’s how it goes right? We want the accolades, we want the positive attention, “The Glory” if you will. The award is meaningless unless we win it, the website is not relevant unless we’re on it, the girl/guy is a b**ch/a**hole unless he/she is with us….And, yeah, I guess that I still fall into that mindset sometimes. The first thing I said when I walked into the RubyHornet offices (and yes, we do have a real office, I’m not writing from my couch right now) was “f**k Vibe!” after I recieved some texts about their list. Honestly, I do have to question a dying magazine’s ability to be in touch with digital media and digital media outlets, as well as their total ignorance to our Alexa and Compete numbers. I don’t know what point I’m trying to make here, except that being on or off a list like that is another example of getting to high on the highs or too low on the lows. What it has done for me is made me more at peace with RubyHornet’s status as an online magazine with many facets, a collection of creatives with many interests/talents, online consultants, and people that know how to put together some dope parties, just ask GLC…It also drives home the point that RH still has a way to go in terms of visibility and getting out there, and again makes me ask myself why I’m doing all of this. Do I get up early and start writing before even eating breakfast because I want the people at Vibe to recognize me? Do I stay up late DJing and covering shows, posting the latest Lil’ Wayne leak at 3AM just in the hopes that XXL will call me dope? That would be nice, and Vibe/XXL, if you’re reading this, please feel free to unload any type of honors you’d like, but it’s definitely not the reason.

DJ Drama and DJ RTC

“Then I said I’d do it for the props, til I realized that the props always seem to stop…had a long talk with Jazzy Jeff, he said ‘f**k’em, Te, do it for you!’ So now I’m doing it too.”

Little Brother: “Can’t Win For Losing”


That all being said, I know it’s been a while, but I wanted to again thank everyone for coming to my birthday party…I guess sometimes the parties and the scene is not so bad after all. I was pretty surprised at the amount of people that came out, and originally envisioned just taking shots with Virgil, Omar, and Primo as they consoled me and told me, ‘hey, RTC, there’s always you’re 28th bday.’ Luckily that was not the case, everybody had a great time, Izzo, Metrognome, and Rude One held it down with Really Doe, Phil G, Dave Jeff, and Naledge, and no one went home crying. Check out the photos here

Mark your calendars now for DJ RTC & Friends going down Saturday May 30th @ Do Division Festival. Do Division Fest is a weekend festival on Division from Ashland to Western and features street vendors, live art, food, beer, games, and live music. I’ll be taking the stage located at 2121 W. Division on Saturday night and instead of rocking by myself, will be joined by some of Chicago’s top acts. I want to emphasize “some” because obvisouly I couldn’t get every artist that I think is dope, and don’t want anyone to feel dissed etc…But, here’s the list of artists that will be doing 1-2 songs in a fast-paced concert of sorts, which will be hosted by Mike 100’s…Let me clear my throat….You can expect to see Mick Luter, Project Mayhem, Really Doe, The Primeridian, Phil G, Mic Terror, Shala, Mikkey Halsted, Naledge, GLC, and Rhymefest all for free, all outside on a beautiful Saturday night. More info, the flyer, and a dope trailer will all be forthcoming…

In the meantime, check out RubyHornet to see/read new interviews with fashion designer Anna Hovet, The Twilite Tone, as well as new videos with DJ Drama, 6th Sense, The Kid Daytona, DJ Day & Exile, and much much more…Look out for The Chicago Picasso on Duck Down Records dropping June 30th, and please hit me up via email, facebook, or Twitter. Til next time…

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